Amy’s 3 Stone Ring

Kate Price | 09 January, 2023

            Amy’s 3 Stone Ring

One of the most rewarding experiences I have is helping clients take their old and cherished jewelry pieces and breathe new life into them. My most recent project was transforming a client’s grandmother’s diamond studs into a 3-stone dome ring.

I worked closely with the client to design a beautiful and lasting memorial of her great-grandmother’s love by incorporating the two diamond studs into a 3 stone dome ring. The two studs were tastefully framed with an additional matching diamonds, making the entire piece timeless and elegant.

When my client learned that I could add a special touch to this ring and represent her three children, she was overjoyed. We decided to add 3 hidden gemstones, each child represented by their birthstone. Adding the gemstones to the inside of the dome adds a subtle, yet special sentiment that only the client and her children will know about.

At the end of the day, my job as a jewelry designer is to bring joy and value to my clients. Redesigning heirloom jewelry is something that can give everlasting memories and help loved ones feel closer to the people they miss. I’m honored every time a client selects me to guide them through this process.