2022 Jewelry Trend Predictions

Kate Price | 07 January, 2022

            2022 Jewelry Trend Predictions

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the past two years it’s that we cannot predict next week, let alone the entire year.  But we’ll continue to try bEcuador it gives us sense of control over our maddening world.  So here’s my attempt at predictions—the 5 trends picking up speed which I think will be big this year in jewelry.  

Heavy Metals

Sterling silver is making a huge comeback via the rise in popularity of goth trends.  Not to fear, you don’t have to ditch your yellow gold chains for Hot Topic spikes any time soon.  We’re seeing lots of thick yellow gold collars and chokers as well.  If you want to try the silver trend but are not ready to dive in, we love a two-toned piece or adding a silver layer to your yellow gold pieces.

Not Your Mama’s Pearls

Pearls arrived in full force last year and have major staying power.  We love mixing textures of chains and pearls.  Go for the baroque pearls, they have a more organic, natural shape and really pop when paired with a cool, angular metal piece.  We have a few new designs waiting to drop that will undoubtedly satisfy your pearl craving.

Very Very Periwinkle

Pantone’s color of the year always influences jewelry design and lucky for us, this year’s color is a juicy one.  Very Peri is a purple-blue dream only jewelry designers dream of.  Think cool periwinkle Montana sapphire tennis bracelets, light blue-purple colored tanzanite pendants.

Charmed Life

Charms will be everywhere.  Charms on your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets.  And, believe it or not, tooth charms.  We’ll be steering clear of the tooth variety but we are definitely here for the rest.   Zodiac and celestial charms will continue to dominate which leads me to my last prediction. Selecting your perfect chain and charm is a great way to start your custom jewelry story.

Celestial Vibes

The other worldly trend will manifest in two major ways, other than the zodiac charms mentioned above.  I think we’ll see an increased use of materials that look like they came straight from next galaxy i.e. moonstone, opal, tiger’s eye.  We’ll also see graphic representations of the heavenly bodies like planet and star charms. 

Follow us @katerosefinejewelry over the next few weeks as we highlight each one of these trends and share some of our favorite pieces-both our own and the work of other designers.