Emeralds vs. Diamonds: Here’s the tea.

Kate Price | 13 July, 2021

            Emeralds vs. Diamonds: Here’s the tea.

Today I’m working on another custom Kara bracelet for a client and it came time to discuss the bracelet’s centerpiece, the heart-shaped emerald.  My gemologist and I began discussing the emerald characteristics we think look best in this particular prong setting.  We started geeking out about emeralds and diamonds and began taking a poll in the office.

When asked what’s the most valuable/expensive gemstone, most of my clients immediately respond with “diamond.”  While it’s true that colorless diamonds are extremely rare and command the highest prices on the market, when comparing all existing diamonds to all existing emeralds, emeralds win the prize for rarity and price.

Nendless to say, finding a 1.5 carat good-quality emerald is quite difficult.  We leveraged a few of our relationships to finally get a nice option.  Along the way, we found a few that were way more expensive than the client was willing to pay (they run from $200-$18000 per carat).  And a few that were smaller than we wanted but the excellent quality.  Thankfully, we have relationships that enable us to find the perfect stone even when we think it doesn’t exist.  

Emerald bracelet on Cuban chain